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A Year to Grow

The story of how we get from where we are to where we want to be- in life, in business, in our own personal growth, can be complicated. Sometimes it starts with something as simple as a message on social media, but from such small and simple things, the greatest stories are born. The story of you, and your business is personal, but there are times when we can't get to that next level without help. Someone to not only show us how to use our equipment in a different way but someone that will touch base with us to answer questions, offer feedback, coach us on how to move forward, and applaud us when we achieve new milestones.

A Year Of Growth is a personalized mentoring package for one year. Because your needs and desires for your business are unique we will take a custom approach including 4 hands-on workshops over the course of the year to target specific areas that you would like to work on. In addition to these workshops we will also set up a line of communication  where we can share questions and answers, coaching on pricing, photos for critique, and general editing questions. My experience and knowledge becomes an open book for you to soak up in the course of the year.

Suggested Workshops:

1. Family Lifestyle Session:
30 minute pre-shoot where we discuss lighting, location ideas, posing, and camera settings.
1 hour styled shoot with one family, outdoors on location, to practice lighting, composition, client prompts, and general approach.
30 minute post-shoot discussion to answer questions, critique, and wrap up.

2. Session Editing:

2 hour editing workshop about how to process images, retouching workflow, and info on meta-data and image presentation to clients. We will talk about your editing style and work on developing a style that you love with techniques you can alter with time as your tastes change. This will not be a class full of "apply this preset or action". I strongly believe in knowing how to edit from scratch with specific editing techniques.

3. Business Class:

2 hour workshop on business practices. How to boost bookings, make more money, solidify your core clientele base, and post to social media. We will delve into your business and what makes you unique and put practices in place to help you carve out your own niche in your area.

4. Open Workshop:

This one will remain open for now. As the year progresses I think it's valuable to have a final workshop that you use towards the end of your year that we determine based on where you feel like you need more practice or help. It's possible that through the course of the year you will have found a focus for your business and this shoot could be a used to solidify that and give you great image for content and marketing to sell those types of sessions.

Additionally this mentoring package will include:

Monthly Assignments to help you grow. I will send you a simple assignment every month for you to complete. Some will be photo assignments, some will be business-related to help you get your business in order. For example: "Your assignment for the month of April will be to capture an image in abnormal or "artistic" lighting" or "Your assignment for this month is to submit your application for a business license(if you don't have one)".

Open Image critiques. For the year my doors will be open to you to ask for feedback or image critiques anytime. I feel like solid image feedback can be the best way to grow as an artist, even though it can be hard to hear. Developing that thick skin and being open to criticism is a part of what we do and if you are open to it you will grow so much faster!

Access to tag along on almost any of my short story session dates to assist and see how I run my sessions.

Open line of business advice for the year. Ask me anything.

Investment: $2500

This breaks down to about $625/mentoring session. You can pay in quarterly  installments if you like.

I recognize that this may feel like a lot for someone who is starting out and please know I would love to help you regardless of if you proceed with this mentoring program. I believe with all of my heart that I can help you earn this money back in your business with the info and training I will share with you throughout this year but there are no guarantees in life. All I can guarantee is that I will help you in whatever way I can to push your business to that next level.

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