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There is something about that moment. 

The moment when your child giggles, your new baby yawns, your all-grown-up daughter walks down the aisle, or the love of your life wraps you in an impromptu hug. Time stops and you realize that it's a moment that will never happen again. It's unique, special, and most of all - real. I live for moments like that. It's why I take pictures. I want to capture those times in your life that you never want to forget. Life is fragile and it passes all too quickly. Cling to the things and people in your life that matter. I want them to grace your wall, sit on your desk, and be shown to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I want to help you never forget the joyful times in your life.

Hi, my name is Meghan MacAskill, and I am a family lifestyle photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact me for more information.

I look forward to making joyful, beautiful, authentic pictures of your family!

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