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our story.

How can we even begin to tell our story without also telling yours? The story of our studio begins and ends with the stories we tell as your photographers. In 10 years of photographing in the San Francisco Bay Area we have been a part of your joy and sorrows, your growth as families, the celebration of your success, and the documenting of your memories.

The Wild Bloom Studio started as a single momtographer and over the years has grown into a team of passionate expert photographers. First and foremost, we just love making beautiful images and even more beautiful memories with our clients. We hope you will invite us into your story.

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Meghan MacAskill

Lifelong photo-addict, adventurer, lover of 90’s movies, coffee, and home DIY renovations. I adore reading, sushi, camping, margaritas and riding roller coasters with my three little girls. I am a self-taught photographer and for more than 10 years I have been documenting the milestones and memories of Bay Area families. More than anything I love connecting with the people who trust me enough to step in front of my camera.

Meghan Paris 


Photo obsessed, mid day coffee drinker, strongly opinionated that bath bombs are literally “the bomb”. Mom to 2 crazy little blonde beings. I have a passion for taking photos, looking at photos, and finding ways to cover my walls in them. Sociology nerd til' the day I die, UCD alumni.

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