I believe capturing the essence of your loved ones should be an experience as priceless as the prints you’ll hold forever. To hear the words of my clients and the gratitude they hold makes every bit of what I do invaluable.

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“Meghan is talented beyond words. She has this amazing ability to make you (and your most pickiest child!) feel at ease, laugh, smile and look surprising flawless! From newborn sessions to mini family sessions we've had the privilege of having Meghan document our most exciting moments and can't count how many compliments we get on our photos. She is the most pleasant person and is a true artist. We feel so lucky to have found her!”


“Seriously - never did I ever think I'd have use for the words "Totes Adorbs" but seriously!!! And to think my child was in borderline meltdown mode for the majority of this. You are magic with a camera lady! Thank you so much for capturing Cali's first year of life for us. Its been by far the best year of our lives and our hearts are full of gratitude that you have given us such beautiful images to cherish!”


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“For over seven years, my family and I have relied on Meghan to capture beautiful family, children, and newborn photos year after year. Meghan knows exactly how to capture gorgeous photos in nearly every situation. Time after time, I am amazed at what she is able to produce from less-than-ideal situations, particularly with regards to large groups or difficult children. Children love her, and she has the unique ability to capture their attention. Her magic is particularly evident with newborn babies. I particularly treasure the fleeting moments that she has captured of me and my babies; they are priceless.”


“Boudoir photography may sound intimidating to many of us. It's scary to think you'd allow someone to take these pictures of you. In our minds, we may think only people who look a certain way would be able to have theirs taken. This is not true you are amazing and beautiful. You too can do this. Plus having Meghan and Angie to help guide you through it you are in good hands. They will help make sure you are prepared logistically and understand the style you are looking to achieve. It's important I think to be in an environment where you'll feel supported and encouraged. They will provide that.

Now of course there are the nerves. I felt all sorts of emotions from when I signed up to the beginning of the shoot. I thought about it over and over if I could really go through with this. Looking back, I don't regret it one bit. Sure it was uncomfortable at the start, but as we warmed up and with their encouragement and guidance you can't help but own it. There is nothing to lose. These pictures can be for your eyes only. You will just be happy you took them for you.

My main motivation going into it was this is embrace the body I have today. After all it's pretty amazing when I remind myself this body has birthed two babies and has allowed me to reach my breastfeeding goals. Our bodies deserve our appreciation. Regardless of being at my desired weight or not, it doesn't matter. Happiness can't be resorted to what size my clothes are. I'm not what you see in in the average size models and it's often hard to feel great about myself. Following through with the boudoir photography was my way of embracing my self love.

When I left my shoot, I felt nothing but empowerment and self confidence. I could have conquered the world. The sense of happiness and pride has been seeping in the following days. I've noticed I stand taller and prouder. I hope to stay at this state of mind. I can own it. I did it. When Meghan sent over one teaser picture from my shoot, it proved me why it was worth taking these pictures. I was amazed looking at myself. So if you have once said before 'I'd love to one day take boudoir photos' -- do it now. Because you deserve it.”


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"We LOVE Meghan! She always captures our kids' worlds in that moment in time - whether it's trains, baseball or birthday cupcakes! We can't imagine anybody else documenting this amazing journey!"

-Sarah Lam

"Meghan always knows what to say to make me feel comfortable in front of her camera. The photos she has created for me are my treasures, second only to the people and relationships they depict."

-Jackie Petty

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"A life is composed of millions of moments, and in those moments having someone who can help you capture a few is priceless. Working with Meghan was not only absolutely comfortable and fun, but she goes that extra mile to learn and understand her clientele so that the moments she captures for you are ones that will stand out for a lifetime."


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